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While we at 11tenDIGITAL emphasise the importance of web marketing to reach students and build brands in the education sector, we know the value traditional advertising and marketing can add to the success of your campaign.

A harmonious blend of traditional and online marketing lifts brand awareness and boosts consumer engagement. We have proved time and again that joined-up marketing can enhance the results of your campaigns by at least 100%.

With 11ten you get the best of traditional and digital marketing. While our team focuses on the web, we are proud to say that our offline colleagues are the best in the higher education sector.

They have probably forgotten more about traditional educational marketing campaigns than most practitioners learn in a lifetime.

Their clients include some of the world's best regarded and oldest universities including Scotland's University of St Andrews which is about to celebrate its 600th anniversary.

With the offline team there is no learning curve. They have worked in the education sector for more than 20 years and they have a detailed knowledge of the educational marketplace in the America, Europe and Asia.

They know how to penetrate each market and they have an intimate knowledge of the advertising platforms that will build your brand and enable you to recruit top flight student candidates.

They can advise you on all advertising mediums - magazines to newspapers, TV to radio and cinema to off-beat opportunities such as rickshaw advertising.

They can also support your online campaigns with media buying, direct marketing, education brochure design and much, much more.

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