Campaign Optimisation

Dull But Valuable

It's an old saying, but a true one - everything that glistens is not gold.

As marketers we can sometimes get carried away with glitzy, glamorous campaigns that occasionally bomb.

Sometimes we need to step back, mine the data and look analytically at what we are doing.

Our campaign optimisation process may be dull but it is guaranteed to help you get a golden return from your marketing budget.

We can help you avoid failure, cut waste and direct your marketing budget to produce the greatest returns.

We start from the standpoint that you can reach out to students using a myriad of marketing channels - email, dmail, telemarketing, the web and events to name but five.

We look at the channels you can use, the markets you want to penetrate, the budget you want to spend, the constraints you face, the results you have had in the past to determine the right offer and the best channels to use going forward.

The key to optimisation is to design win-win campaigns so that the offer a prospective student receives is of the greatest value to him or her and to you. 

Campaign optimisation is a science. It reduces the risk and stacks the odds in your favour.

It may be analytical and number-crunchingly dull but for disciplined marketing people it is an activity worth its weight in gold.

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