Affiliate Marketing

To Drive Recruitment

Affiliate advertising can be a powerful and effective method of building your brand and driving student recruitment.

It involves pulling in websites around the globe to promote your university or college to the student community for an agreed cost per lead commission.

Some of the universities we serve have hundreds of sites marketing degree courses on their behalf.

It can be an expensive business but one you should consider for your university or college.

The more sites you have promoting your courses, the more students you will recruit.


The Beauty Of Affiliate Marketing

The beauty of internet affiliate advertising is that you don't have to pay until the host sites bring hot leads to your door and you can specify how many leads they generate each month.

Your payback, of course, will only as good as your chosen partner sites and obviously the more you reward your affiliates, the harder they will work to promote your college or university.

Affiliate marketing campaigns need managed. You can't just appoint affiliates and leave them to get on with it.

You need to educate them about your courses and you need to keep them motivated by providing regular updates - not just the monthly commission cheque.

It's not easy setting up an affiliate marketing scheme. There are lots of pitfalls but there are also rich rewards.

11tenDigital can help you avoid the pitfalls, choose the best affiliates and manage your network.

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