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Is email marketing still effective? You bet it is - especially in the educational sector!! However, you need to know what you are doing.

Get it right and educational email marketing can produce rich rewards. Get it wrong and you'll end up with few enquiries and fewer hot student leads.

With our email advertising campaigns we -

  • Remove logos
  • Cut out graphics and images
  • Avoid fancy designs
  • Avoid using certain words
  • Cut down on the use of capital letters

In other words, we don't make your emails look like spam.

Once we have overcome the spam filters we produce "call to action" messages with killer headings, compelling copy and a great motivational offer.

At 11tenDIGITAL we are used to writing educational emails that get read and not deleted. Our messages persuade prospective students to take the action our clients want.

We believe in personalising emails. Personalised emails will be up to 500% more successful than non-personalised emails - yet less than 10% of colleges and universities personalise their messages

Some schools believe in longwinded emails, we don't. We keep them short and to the point.

Our email campaigns create a sense of urgency and include a compelling call to action. You should consider email marketing campaigns as part of the digital marketing mix for your college or university.

Of course, any email advertising campaign is only as good as the prospect list. As you would expect with a digital agency specialising in the education sector, our lists are in a class of their own. 

We also help you develop or cleanse your own list or we buy in lists from people we can trust.

We don't believe in one-off email campaigns. If email marketing is to be truly effect, you need to decide on day one to develop long term relationships with prospective students. Our campaigns are designed to turn prospective students into registered fee-paying students.

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