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To Drive Profits

The internet is your door to the world but you need to know what you are doing or you can spend a fortune and make little impact.

At 11tenDIGITAL we create digitally remarkable campaigns that interact and engage with students wherever they are in the world.

Each of our campaigns has three essential ingredients:

  • A killer internet marketing strategy
  • Messages that resonate with prospective students
  • Knockout tactics that will build your brand and persuade students to take action

It's our tried and tested formula that always results in success.


Creating The Blueprint

We start by doing our research. We want to know about you, your university or college, your recruitment and brand building targets. We then organise a campaign workshop where we share our extensive knowledge of the markets you want to target.

As specialists, we know the educational landscape better than anyone else, so we can provide you with market intelligence that others can't. Our digital toolbox includes:

The digital tactics we deploy will be tailored to your goals and your budget. We will give you maximum bang for your buck.


Internet Marketing - Implementation

With the strategy, messages and tactics in place, we will then move onto to inspired implementation. Each month we will set goals and we will be meticulous in measuring the results we produce against our targets.

As a client you will get a dedicated internet marketing team comprising talented and creative people who understand education and the pressures within the sector. We pride ourselves in our knowledge, energy and creativity.

We always go the extra mile, working tirelessly to drive student recruitment and build your brand. Each day we will be fine tuning your campaigns to produce better and better results. We never forget that even the most successful internet marketing campaign can be improved.

When it comes to digital marketing services in the educational sector - we truly are in a class of our own.

Digital marketing for education - 11tenDIGITAL

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