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With the myriad of social sites, web PR is becoming a sophisticated and essential marketing tool.

Once-upon-a-time it was sufficient to target online news sites like the BBC or CNN, set up an occasional webcast and post a few messages on myspace.

Today, that's merely the tip of the iceberg. Online PR campaigns now need educational blogs as a matter of course and you should be optimising your press releases and inserting hyperlinks to take students to specific pages on your college or university website.

It is essential to exploit the full gambit of social sites - everything from Twitter to YouTube, Posterous to facebook, and bebo to Second Life - the web's largest user-created, 3D virtual world community.

We know what's hot and what's not and the best sites for targeting prospective students in their home countries.

Sites like facebook, for instance, are available in only a handful of languages while sites like PerfSpot offer versions in 37 different languages.

We can drive your online PR campaigns or we can teach you how to do it yourself.

The internet, of course, is not all about the positive. Every university, college or school should have a strategy in place to protect its brand and defend its reputation on the net.

We monitor the web - news sites, discussions forums, blogs, pirate sites and social sites - for negative or unfair comment about our clients.

We then take steps to rebut and correct unfair, misleading or libellous statements. That said, a huge part of our strategy is customer relations - turning critics into brand ambassadors.

Reputation is your most valuable asset. We can not only build, but protect, your digital reputation.

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