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For Instant Visibility

If you want students to find your university or college on Page 1 of Google - we can get you there in the twinkling of an eye.

What's more, we will ensure you reach students who really are interested in studying at your college.


We Know Educational Pay Per Click

The problem with pay per click marketing is that it can also be expensive as you are bidding against rival universities - some with deeper pockets than you.

You can blow a fortune if you don't know what you are doing. That's why you should entrust your PPC campaigns to people who know the educational sector and have expertise to plan and manage them.

At 11tenDigital we can develop your national or international PPC strategy, roll out the campaign, manage thousands of keywords across multiple search engines and help you dominate the market.


Keyword Bidding Wars

Paid search is becoming increasingly expensive but we will not get involved in biding wars and we will avoid overpaying for clicks. We will keep you visible when students are searching in their language or time zone.

Our educational pay-per-click campaigns are targeted, monitored and accountable. We will invest your budget wisely, charging a fixed monthly management fee that will not be linked to the cost of buying clicks.

As you would expect, the returns we produce will be considerably higher than running PPC campaigns in-house.

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