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Reaching Students On Their Territory

Every integrated web marketing campaign aimed at students must include social site outreach.

As you would expect, the 11tenDIGITAL team has its finger on the pulse of what's happening in the social arena. We know where to find the student candidates you want to reach and, more importantly, we know how to connect with them.

Other marketing agencies operating in the educational sector pay lip service to social marketing, for us it's one of the main reasons why we exist.


Social Media Channels

We are passionate about using the social media to engage with students and we're not just talking about high visibility channels such as facebook, Twitter, YouTube and linkedin.

When sites such as Twitter begin to get hot, the prospective students you want to reach may well have moved on to sites such as Posterous.

We follow the trends and the audiences. We can tell you what social platforms are cool and likely to become big. We can also advise on those which are likely to bomb.

When it comes to the likely winners, we can get you up there at the start so that your brand is perceived to be cool and "with it".

We can help you build your brand and reach student candidates all around the world. Sites like facebook may dominate in Europe and the US but a platform such as PerfSpot with 200 million users is going to be more useful when it comes to reaching a global audience as the site comes in over 30 languages.


Blogging To Make An Impression

If you want to get noticed on the web - start a blog. Influential blogs boost website rankings and are ideal for reaching top grade student candidates.

We can help you get started. We can control and manage the whole process or we can teach you how to do it yourself.

We can take the pain out of blogging by ghosting your posts and managing your site.

Blogging is an art and to build a credible following you have to know the rules of engagement. We've been blogging for years so we can get you off to a flying start.


Build Your Brand With Virals

Any online campaign that encourages recipients to pass on your marketing message to others again and again is called viral marketing.

A successful viral marketing campaign has four essential ingredients:

  • The original message has to be worth passing on so it should be funny, compelling or give something of value away for free
  • It must connect emotionally with recipients
  • The pass-on process has to be effortless - a simple click of the mouse
  • campaign must be designed to take advantage of third party networks

We are experienced viral marketers. We know what works and what doesn't so save time and money by speaking to the experts.

We will develop creative ideas for your campaigns and advise you on their delivery so you reach student candidates aplenty.

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