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Most university websites are nothing more than on-line brochures. Some look great others don't. Some explode like a fireworks display. Others have so many features, bells and whistles that they take for ever to download.

When it comes to websites, the look is obviously important - but it should never be your No1 priority. It's the commercial potential of your university website that counts.

When commissioning an educational website, focus a lot of attention on what you can't see, especially the keywords which have been programmed into the website to get it to the top of the search engines.

You want students to be able to find your website easily so it's important they see it on page one of the search engines.

When commissioning a website don't just go for a designer who can produce a smart-looking website. Look for a developer like 11tenDIGITAL who mix web design and development so that your site can climb to the top of the search engines.

At 11tenDigital you will get a team that knows how to build smart websites that will reach the top of the search engines. You also get a team that has an intimate knowledge of the educational sector.

You want to stand head and shoulders above other colleges on the internet? We will ensure you do.

You want a website that will attract students and build your brand. That's what you will get from us.


We will make your university website user friendly

We understand the mindset of website visitors especially students. They go on to the internet to search for information. That's why we design all university and college websites from a visitor's perspective, answering their number one question - what's in it for me.

Students visiting your website will be interested in what you can do for them -

  • What courses you provide
  • What qualifications they require
  • What's your college campus like
  • What's the cost of study

Give them what they are looking for and you will not only attract their attention, you will sign them up.

When developing a university website we start with your home page and go right through the site.

Your home page is your most important page. It's what visitors see first and you have only 8 seconds to hold them before they move onto another website.

So what is above the fold on your home page is critical. A compelling heading or a fantastic offer will make them want to find out more. The text needs to be written to focus on the benefits your university or college offers.


Its important to remember - students buy benefits not features

We will also want to highlight your USP - why are you better, bigger or less expensive than the competition. All the text we produce for your university website will be optimised and written to conform to the 6% keyword rule which will propel you up the search engines.

We will also ensure your college website captures the email addresses of your visitors so that you can build relationships and keep students up to date with offers and incentives.

11tenDIGITAL will give you a university or college website that drives student recruitment and builds your brand.

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